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At SunKey we take the mystery out of Solar Energy for homeowners. We talk in easy to understand language that will help you make a decision that can save you thousands of dollars while also helping our planet.

Why SunKey Energy for Solar Panels?

The Leaders in Solar Energy in Centennial, Colorado At SunKey Energy, we believ...

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

If you’re ready to invest in your future with an environmentally-friendly ...

How do solar panels work on a house?

Imagine a life where you are not reliant upon the utility company to provide you...

How much are you spending on your electricity?


Amazing Service

“We were in awe that SunKey was able to make our electrical meter spin backwards!!  We had no idea that was even possible until we met the SunKey team!”--A Lindhardt, Homeowner

What a Difference!

“We have a very large home and got several bids from other solar companies.  They all said we could only have a 10kW system max due to our utility provider.  SunKey Energy came in and was able to get a 30.240kW system to offset our entire needs 100%.  What a difference in service!"   --M Bonham, Homeowner  

Making The World A Better Place

Green Energy for you, Less Emissions for the planet.


SunKey Energy is a leading provider and installer of residential solar panels serving communities throughout the State of Colorado and surrounding states.

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