Solar Panel Installation Cost

There are a few factors that go into pricing a solar panel installation. At SunKey, we offer three types of panels and two types of inverters. This equates to five different system designs, each of which has a different cost associated with them. Next, it needs to be taken into account the size of your home, roof space, accessibility and slope of the roof. Another consideration to be made is: do you want an off-grid or grid-tied system, and whether your electrical panel requires additional upgrades prior to the installation of the solar panel system.

Keep in mind that every project is unique. time, tasks, and equipment needs for each individual project do vary and as a result, we like to see each job in person. By completing an on-site visit, we are able to present a proposal designed specifically for each home.
Included in the proposal are: A timeline for installation and more importantly an estimated time frame for the return on your investment.

Solar Energy Rebates and Incentives

At SunKey Energy we stay on top of all of the solar energy rebates and incentives available. When we prepare a price quote for you, we will also advise you of the rebates and incentives to which you are entitled including the 30% Federal Tax Credit and any incentives offered by your local utility company.

Solar Panel Installation Financing

Solar panel installation can be financed through a number of financial institutions. When we visit you, we will be happy to discuss your options with you.

If you’re ready to significantly reduce your electric bill, it’s time to harness the power of our most dependable energy source. Call 303-512-3100 to learn how much solar panels will cost for your home.